Kidney Failure & Free Siddha Energy Remedies

Kidney failure is the most challenging as it is considered to be a silent killer. Learn the types, symptoms, function, causes, diagnosis; treatments available in Medical science, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, and Yoga. Learning about Kidney failure & Siddha Energy Remedies would be quite easier and beneficial to all. Siddha Spirituality of Swami Hardas Life System has the capability to solve Kidney Diseases of all types without money and medicines. So read it thoroughly and know how to gain kidney health.

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Kidney Location in Human Body

Types of kidney failure

Kidney failure can be divided into two categories:

  • Acute kidney injury
  • Chronic kidney disease

The type of renal failure is differentiated by the trend in the serum creatinine; other factors that may help differentiate acute kidney injury from chronic kidney disease include anemia and the kidney size on sonography as chronic kidney disease generally leads to anemia and small kidney size.

Acute kidney injury

Acute kidney injury (AKI), previously called acute renal failure (ARF), is a rapidly progressive loss of renal function, generally characterized by oliguria.

Chronic kidney disease

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) can also develop slowly and, initially, show few symptoms. CKD can be the long-term consequence of irreversible acute disease or part of a disease progression.

Kidney failure Symptoms

Symptoms can vary from person to person. Someone in early-stage kidney disease may not feel sick or notice symptoms as they occur. When kidneys fail to filter properly, waste accumulates in the blood and the body, a condition called azotemia.

Symptoms of kidney failure include high levels of urea in the blood, which can result in:

  • Vomiting or diarrhea (or both) which may lead to dehydration
  • Nausea
  • Weight loss
  • Nocturnal urination
  • More frequent urination, or in greater amounts than usual, with pale urine
  • Less frequent urination, or in smaller amounts than usual, with dark colored urine
  • Blood in the urine
  • Pressure or difficulty urinating
  • Unusual amounts of urination, usually in large quantities

Kidney failure Causes

Acute kidney injury

Acute kidney injury (previously known as acute renal failure) – or AKI – usually occurs when the blood supply to the kidneys is suddenly interrupted or when the kidneys become overloaded with toxins. Causes of acute kidney injury include:

  • Accidents
  • Injuries
  • Complications from surgeries e.g. heart-bypass surgery
  • Drug overdoses
  • Accidental or from chemical overloads of drugs such as antibiotics
  • Chemotherapy may also cause the onset of acute kidney injury

People suffering from acute kidney injury require supportive treatment until their kidneys recover function, and they often remain at increased risk of developing future kidney failure.

Chronic kidney disease

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) has numerous causes:

  • Diabetes mellitus and long-term, uncontrolled hypertension
  • Polycystic kidney disease is another well-known cause of CKD
  • Other genetic illnesses affect kidney function, as well
  • Overuse of common drugs such as ibuprofen, and acetaminophen 
  • Some infectious disease agents, such as hantavirus

Genetic predisposition

The APOL1 gene has been proposed as a major genetic risk locus for a spectrum of nondiabetic renal failure in individuals of African origin, these include:

  • HIV-associated nephropathy (HIVAN)
  • Primary non-monogenic forms of focal segmental glomerulosclerosis
  • Hypertension affiliated with chronic kidney disease 

Kidney failure Diagnosis

Chronic kidney failure is measured in five stages, which are calculated using a patient’s GFR, or glomerular filtration rate:

  • Stage 1 CKD is mildly diminished renal function, with few overt symptoms
  • Stages 2 and 3 need increasing levels of supportive care from their medical providers to slow and treat their renal dysfunction
  • Patients in stages 4 and 5 usually require preparation of the patient towards active treatment in order to survive
  • Stage 5 CKD is considered a severe illness and requires some form of renal replacement therapy (dialysis) or the kidney transplant.

Kidney failure Treatments


In non-diabetics and people with type 1 diabetes, a low protein diet is found to have a preventative effect on the progression of chronic kidney disease. However, this effect does not apply to people with type 2 diabetes. A whole food, plant-based diet may help some people with kidney disease. 

Slowing progression

People who received earlier referrals to a nephrology specialist, meaning a long time before they had to start dialysis, had a shorter initial hospitalization and reduced risk of death after the start of dialysis. The authors highlighted the resulting importance of early referral in slowing progression of chronic kidney disease. Other methods of reducing disease progression include minimizing exposure to nephrotoxins such as NSAIDs and intravenous contrast.


There are certain kidney care foods, and herbs that are synonymous with alleviating kidney pain and even disease. The first thing you want to do is hydrate yourself. Water acts as a natural lubricant and detoxifier. Include bitter gourd in your diet. Have two tablespoons of Neem juice twice a day. Avoid foods with seeds for kidney disease, as seeds take a longer time to process through the digestive and excretory systems.


It is an ideal and effective form of treatment of chronic kidney diseases, which is natural and tries to correct all the underlying causes of the condition. General symptoms and constitutional indications are considered in homeopathy before choosing the best medicine.


In early kidney disease, treatment goals may be to stop the progression of the disease and heal the damage to the kidneys. This is done by addressing risk factors like diabetes, high blood pressure, smoking, obesity, and inflammation or dental disease. Well-researched supplements and plant medicines can be used to decrease protein or foaminess in the urine, and many foods can be used to protect the kidneys, increase kidney function, and decrease blood pressure if necessary.


Practice yoga and meditation regularly, eat healthy food and rest well to keep your body stress-free. A stress-free body responds more positively to therapy or cure than a stressed one. More importantly, stay positive and enjoy life to the fullest! Practicing Yoga helps develop the body and mind, yet is not a substitute for medicine.

It is essential to learn and practice yoga under the supervision of a trained Yoga teacher. In case of any medical condition, practice yoga only after consulting your doctor and a  Yoga teacher.

Siddha Spirituality of Swami Hardas Life System, being pious and non-medicinal remedies, focuses only on the symptoms/causes. The methods, being energy based, do not use any medicine, chemical, etc and hence, do not become a cause for any side-effects.  Therefore, it solves even associated problems of a particular disease and helps achieve complete health.

Kidney failure & Free Siddha Energy Remedies

Now, the symptoms, causes, diagnosis, and treatments of kidney failure is within the reach of the sufferer. Overcoming kidney problems is feasible with simple, self-learned and self-practice Siddha Energy Remedies, which are freely available in Siddha Spirituality of Swami Hardas Life System. Do note that any person irrespective of caste, creed, religion, faith, and sex can learn and apply Siddha Energy Remedies. Please read about how to solve Kidney problems with Siddha Energy Remedies:

1. Siddha Preventive Measures

Everybody must practice preventive measures, whether healthy or not. As a matter of fact, Siddha Preventive Measures are primary steps for switching on to any other Siddha Energy Remedies. It helps in one’s capability, productivity, decision-making power, intellectuality and removing minor health problems. Earthing, Field Cleaning, and Siddha Brain Exercise/Energizing are three types of preventive measures:

Earthing: Stand erect raising heels from the ground and raise both the hands in the air. Open up all the fingers, bring hands downward in a circular motion and touch the ground with the tips of fingers. Stay for 30 to 60 seconds in the same position and come back slowly to the original position. Do this only once soon after waking up in the morning and before leaving the bedroom. Note: Those, who have spondylitis problems, they need not touch the ground but may touch wall instead of ground.

Field cleaning: Stand erect on flat feet and keep the palm of both the hands over the head. Slowly bring down the palms toward the ground, as close as to body but not touching any part/portion. Thus, touch the ground with flat palms of the hands. Stay for 30 to 60 seconds in this same position and come back slowly to the original position. Do it twice soon after waking up in the morning and before leaving the bedroom. Note: Those, who have spondylitis problems, they need not touch the ground but may touch wall instead of ground.

Siddha Brain Exercise/Energizing:

Step 1Apply little coconut oil or any suitable oil to the tips of all the 10 fingers of both hands and do massage with the tips for almost two minutes. Wait for a few seconds. There is no compulsion of applying oil to hair/head.

Step 2: Now, open all the fingers of your hands, place them over the forehead and drag them slowly with little pressure up to the lower portion of the small brain. Do this at least 8 to 10 times. Wait for a few seconds. Be aware of your nails, which should not become a cause for damaging your head-skin.

Step 3: At this moment, the head should be bent and brought below the level of the heart. Wait there for almost 1 minute and slowly come to a normal position. Do this 3 times. Practice it two times a day, after taking a bath and before going to bed.

The benefits achieved by regular practice of Siddha Brain Exercise are praiseworthy and astonishing. Regular practice of Siddha Brain Exercise energizes Neurotransmitters, improve blood flow to the brain, help increase memory, even help control hair-fall, and dandruff, etc. So, practice and avail the benefits.

2. Siddha Shaktidata Yog

This unique Siddha Shaktidata Yog can solve the problems related to Kidney diseases with Siddha Energy Remedies. There is no compulsion of training of ‘Swami Hardas Life System’ methods. This not only gives benefits to self but also it can be used for other affected persons, whether a person is in the same house, distantly available in the same city, same nation or may be in any corner of the world.  Any person can learn and apply Siddha Energy Remedies irrespective of caste, creed, religion, faith, and sex:
Material Required: Shaktidata Photo of Dr. Swami Hardas and Aasan. The Shaktidata Photo of Dr. Swami Hardas may be of calendar size or passport size.


Sit comfortably on the ground over any piece of cloth or Aasan. Hold the Shaktidata Photo in any one of the hands. Start looking continuously in the eyes of Swamiji and say a Sankalp as mentioned below:

Sankalp: “Siddha Swami Give Me Siddha Energy so that I get Health,” say three times. Keep looking continuously for a few seconds and feel/imagine Swamiji is bestowing ‘Siddha Energy’. Now, close eyes for half a minute and establish received Siddha Energy in between two eyebrows (just above the nose on the forehead i.e. Agya Chakra) for half a minute. Repeat this process three times.

However, do not open eyes the third time. Now start moving the energy in a circular motion inside the whole body. Repeat this process nine times. Where there is a problem in the body, the energy should be rotated for a little longer time (in this case at Kidneys). Finish this process within 3 minutes.

Open the eyes by leaving the energy either at the Agya Chakra or where the problem lies i.e. kidneys. The opening of the eyes should be slow. Thus, you will surely achieve health as far as Kidneys are concerned.

3. Siddha Kalyan Sadhana

Recite Siddha Kalyan Sadhana with the Sankalp i.e “My Kidney Disease & Associated Problems Be Solved As Early As Possible And I Should Gain Health” should be said in mind 3 – 3 times every after each stanza. It is quite effective and favorable for all. Any person irrespective of caste, creed, religion, faith, and sex can recite this Sadhana, which should be recited at least twice in a day. For more details, please read…

4. CCPE products

These are two different products based on their energy based functionality i.e. CCPE Extractor for extracting negativity and CCPE Booster performs the role of establishing positivity.

These work on the concepts of ‘Conceptual Creative Positive Energy’ (CCPE) within the provisions of ‘CCPE Life System’ and the theory of Quantum Technology to a certain extent. However, the products get activated only whenever touched by a human and then they become capable of solving the problem and achieving healthThis is one of the most effective Siddha Energy Remedies for the persons, who could not undergo training of Siddha Spirituality of Swami Hardas Life System.

But they should be safeguarded from the water. Otherwise, they can render life-long services. These can be used for achieving health for self as well as by/for any member of family, friends, relatives or any unknown person, etc. There is no age or sex barrier.

How to use the products

How to use these products for solving Kidney problems? This is a great question, but don’t worry. The uses are simple. The procedure is mentioned below, start practicing them for overcoming kidney disease and achieve health as mentioned below:

CCPE Extractor

The CCPE Extractor should be gently moved over the Agya Chakra in a circular motion at least for 30 to 60 seconds, which will convert negativity into positivity. Thereafter, follow the same process on both the kidneys one by one on the back, where kidneys are located, for another 30 to 60 seconds. So thus the process finishes within almost 3 minutes.

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  CCPE Extractor & CCPE Booster

CCPE Booster

Keep one Booster over the Agya Chakra and one each over the kidneys for 3 to 5 minutes. You may need to have 2 Boosters and thus the process finishes within almost 3 – 5 minutes and establishes positivity. Thus, the process gets completed here.

Wrapping boosters in a thin cloth and tying around kidneys overnight to achieve faster results is permissible but after the use of Extractor as explained.

5. UAM

UAM (Understanding, Awakening & Movement): It is a unique process which can be applied by the persons who have undergone training. However, to avail of this opportunity, one should have attended a minimum age of 18 years. A desirous person irrespective of caste, creed, religion, faith, and sex can undergo this process.

Therefore, to know more and adopt this pious and unique method, it is mandatory to undergo unique training. It renders faster results and becomes easy to gain health. Siddha Energy Remedies, which is one of the most successful remedies.

This UAM method is being the secret, it will not be feasible to explain for some reasons.

UAM for Siddarth/Volunteers

  • UAM should only be applied by trained persons on the kidneys (location of the kidneys can be seen in the image shown above), which may be applied repeatedly after a gap of 1 hour or continuously till the result is achieved
  • Such trained persons can also apply Siddha Charger/Booster Powder on both the palms and apply UAM on the kidneys to get instant result
  • However, they can also make use of Extractor and Booster as explained above
  • Sight Healers can also apply Sight Healing over the affected person


Ladies and gentlemen, now we have learned the basics of what is kidney, types, symptomscauses, diagnosis, treatments available in Medical science, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, and remedies in Naturopathy, Yoga, and also most successful Siddha SpiritualityNow its right time to use this knowledge acquired by you for solving Kidney problems and gain health.

You may also like to read some more articles e.g. A headache, eyes, nose, ears, oral, throat, heart, low blood pressure, high blood pressure, diabetes, and liver, etc.

Please remember that a desirous person irrespective of caste, creed, religion, faith, and sex can undergo this process. To become more effective and productive, kindly look for such training centers of Swami Hardas Life System nearby where you reside. Otherwise, contact on the following address for more information. One can also inquire about the availability of the Siddha Shaktidata Photo and CCPE Products:

Siddha Nagar, S. No. 50/7, Old Mundhawa Road, Wadgaonsheri, PUNE – 414 014 (India)
Telephone Rotary Yellow Dial Ringing Talk
Phone No: 8956891650, 8956891651

So, friends, these articles are a series of health-related problems. We shall continue discussing the different diseases, under the main category of health. My forthcoming article will be published covering one of the most dreaded diseases about “Spondylosis and Siddha Energy Remedies”. Please be informed that there are many effective and successful Siddha Energy Remedies. I am only revealing those remedies, which can be learned and practiced by any person. Caste, creed, religion, faith, and sex is not the barrier for undergoing required training.

Appeal: Meanwhile, if you liked this article, please don’t hesitate to comment and share it with your friends, family members, relatives, and needy persons. They will also avail the benefits. The feedback received from some of you helped me to gain more confidence. Keep practicing the methods, solve problems with Siddha Energy Remedies and gain health.







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