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Siddha Spirituality is a pious and precious Siddha Technology of Swami Hardas Life System, which can be learned by anybody irrespective of caste, creed, religion, faith or sex for achieving ‘health’, ‘peace’ and ‘progress’ without money and medicines.

The concept works on some of the great principals of Quantum Technology, which Dr. Swami Hardas had invented on 21 Aug 1989. The results are amazing and sometimes beyond the reach of science.

Dr. Swami Hardas

I, Nivrutti Khirolkar, is a follower of Dr. Swami Hardas, who invented and founded this precious and pious concept for the wellbeing of people. The HQ is located at Wadgaonsheri, Pune and the services rendered are almost free for all. The branches/divisions/training centers are spread all over the world and almost to 122 countries.

I had joined Dr. Swami Hardas on 15 Aug 2000 and since then selflessly serving needy people. I could, with the blessings of Dr. Swami Hardas, give health to almost 18,000 people. I also contributed a lot of time to write for Him. I had a desire to make His precious knowledge to people through books and hence could write 12 books as of now.

Now, after the retirement of the job, I preferred to write articles for the people who can gain knowledge as well as instant Siddha Remedies for the problems related to Health, Peace, and Progress for which we have to spend a lot of money. There are almost 70% of people who are unable to manage. Hence, my sincere efforts are being contributed for this pious work.

I appeal all of you to avail the benefits by reading, undergoing free training for solving not only own problems but also you can render selfless services to your family members, relatives, friends, and needy people.

Keep reading my articles at https://siddhaspirituality.com.


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