Welcome to our unique site. 

This site – Siddha Spirituality is a unique concept of Swami Hardas Life System. It purely renders selfless services to the needy people in the field of health, peace, and progress.

Our intention is to make people capable of solving their problems without depending on anyone else. We also render free training of this pious concept and render selfless services. However, we wish you to preferably become independent by undergoing the training of various stages and capacities for solving problems instantly and effectively. 

We shall try to give all possible information in comparison with prevailing methods for achieving health. However, our articles will describe the detailed information with regard to Siddha Remedies for new as well as trained persons. Some of the remedies can be learned and practiced by new readers, who do not know Siddha Spirituality of Swami Hardas Life System.

We will be eager and happy to serve you. You may, if liked, share the valid articles with your friends, family members, and relatives etc for availing benefits by them.

You may choose to contact us for any query or doubts with any of the following options:-

Name: N G Khirolkar

Contact No.: (+91) 9970300068



I am glad to inform all that I shall be available any time on any day i.e. 24×7.

May you be bestowed with ‘health’, ‘peace’ and ‘progress’!!!




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