Best and successful methods of achieving progress in education

Progress in Education

What is progress

The Historical ‘Oxford English Dictionary’ defines progress as “advancement to a further or higher stage, or to further or higher stages successively; growth; development, usually to a better state or condition; improvement . . . applied especially to manifestations of social, spiritual and economic change or reform. “What is progress? You might think that the question is so subjective and culturally relative as to be forever unanswerable. In fact, it’s one of the easier questions to answer. The answer is made is if the entire article – ‘Best and successful methods of achieving progress in education’ is carefully read and followed for.

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Most people agree that life is better than death. Health is better than sickness. Sustenance is better than hunger. Wealth is better than poverty. Peace is better than war. Safety is better than danger. Freedom is better than tyranny. Equal rights are better than bigotry and discrimination. Literacy is better than illiteracy. Knowledge is better than ignorance. Intelligence is better than dull-wittedness. Happiness is better than misery. Opportunities to enjoy family, friends, culture, and nature are better than drudgery and monotony.

All these things can be measured. If they have increased over time, that is progress. Hence it is mandatory to read ‘Best and successful methods of achieving progress in education’ to achieve progress in education.

There are some remedies, mentioned by some philosopher for achieving progress, which is mentioned below:-

Gain a clear picture of what you want to achieve? You can’t move towards a goal unless you have a clear idea about what that goal is. This picture must be specific. You can’t simply state that you want “a better job”; rather you must clearly picture what that job will be and why it will be better.

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Spend time visualizing your success. As part of gaining a clear picture of your goal, frequently take time visualizing yourself achieving your goal. Get as detailed as possible in your mind, even taking the time to write down your goals in significant detail.

Associate immense pleasure in achieving your goal. A third step is to associate immense pleasure that will occur when you achieve your goals. This can be a natural outflow of the visualization process in step two. Consider how you will feel when to succeed. What will it be like? How much joy will you have? How will you celebrate?

Make the level of pleasure as deep and realistic as possible. The more pleasure you associate with achieving your goal, the easier it will be to get out of your comfort zone and do the things needed to achieve that goal.

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Associate intense pain with the idea of failure. Another motivator that will push you towards the goal is the pain you associate with not achieving your goal. In college, this is the motivator that pushes students to write an essay the day before it is due; the pain of failing has become very real to them.

What are the pains associated with not achieving your goals? What will you NOT have? What will it look like to those around you? How will you feel about yourself? Get these pains clear in your mind and use them to push you towards action. Be careful here to always use the pain to push you towards action. Remember these pains are not inevitable. You know you can achieve your goals.

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Focus on doing something important each day towards reaching your goals.  As I mentioned, each day that goes past without action towards your goal plants you further in your current situation. As such, you need to do something each and every day towards achieving your goal.

That means even on days when you are busy with other things, tired, or when unexpected things fill your time, you need to find some way to do something that helps you move forward. Even if it is a simple act, it will help you keep your personal momentum moving in the right direction.

Keep your goal at the forefront of your mind. Not only do you need to have a clear picture in your mind about what you would like to achieve in your goal, but you also need to keep that goal at the front for your mind. There are many ways you can keep yourself reminded about your goal. One idea is creating a storyboard with photos about what you want to achieve.

While these six steps mentioned above are simple, they are very rewarding. Put them into action and you will achieve your goals.

In fact, the above facts seem quite difficult to adhere to. Then what is the easiest remedy to achieve ‘progress’ in our life? Every human being wants to progress in all the aspects e.g. physically, mentally, socially, spiritually, monetarily, educationally, and so on. There is no end to the progress. This process goes on until the end of life. But we all have to keep struggling and progressing – that’s what life is about., which is made easier with ‘Best and successful methods of achieving progress in education’.


Sometimes, our ambitions or requirements so much severe, then we start moving to fulfill them by the hook or crook, without understanding/realizing the bad impact.

Then the problems start emerging their heads gradually, which ultimately affects our ‘peace’ as well as ‘health’. But whenever it is felt/realized that now it is beyond the reach, there is the only a way – the easiest way to achieve progress is through Siddha Spirituality of  ‘Swami Hardas Life System’?

You may have numerous questions with regard to progress in education i.e. what is physical education, what is post-secondary education, why is education important, what is secondary education, what is special education, what is higher education and so on. But let us not discuss it, we would go beyond it.

The remedies provided are the outcome of the in-depth study of the needs of the people in specific fields e.g. Agriculture, Education, Pollution, Addiction, Underground water level, Rain, Cyclones, Earthquake and so on.

The late Nelson Mandela once said – “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. Hence, we intend to focus on how to achieve progress with ease in the field of ‘education’. We shall discuss these subject one by one with the effective solutions, mentioned below, which anybody can apply just by reading and ‘progress’ can be achieved within a couple of days:


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Education is a right of every human and has become a necessity of every one of this era. It is one of the most effective media for achieving success in life. It is, however, being most effective, being useful for fulfilling most of our requirements in the life, being a source of living, helping us reach up to our expectations, being everyone’s right to have education and so on. Everyone must know the right values, right use, right projections, right aims and objects of education so that goal of the life is achieved. However, read ‘Best and successful methods of achieving progress in education’ carefully and achieve progress in education easily.

Before we know how to achieve progress in the field of education, let us find out the difficulties faced by the students, which are as follows:-

There are lots of difficulties in the life of students. Some of them are as follows: –

  • There is a lack of concentration in studies.
  • There are difficulties in remembering the studied subject.
  • Forgetting the studied matter after some time.
  • They are unable to know and find the right way of studying methods.
  • They are unable to recollect the studied subjects at the time of examination.
  • They are unable to write correctly even after remembering studies.
  • They get puzzled or afraid when a question is asked.
  • They are unable to find answers to questions e.g. what to study? Why study? How to study?
  • They do not have sufficient interest, confidence or belief in studies.
  • They do not know the importance of studies at the age where they are.

There are so many reasons apart from mentioned above and to overcome all these reasons or problems, Swami Hardas Life System has developed ‘easy to understand’, ‘easy to follow’, ‘easy to adopt’ educational package, which brings not only best results in the examinations but also develops students as a whole.

As Dr. Swami Hardas has said that to achieve success in the life, one has to struggle and if this struggle is done with right perspectives and spiritual beliefs, success automatically comes to you and this is the only secret of ‘success’. There had been many great persons in the history, who had put their Herculean efforts for getting success and they got it by virtue of not their luck but with their dedicated efforts. However, it won’t be out of place to mention that ‘learning has no end’, this is the continuous process, which lasts till the death.

Now the question is that ‘how to study?’ There are few guidelines, which can be easily followed as a routine. It may look little difficult initially but with the practice of 2/3 days, it will not only look easy but the same will become a routine of your life. It does not need spare time or a lot of time and hence if the following guidelines are followed honestly, success is not far away: –

The moment you awake (just before sunset), close your eyes, fold hands and try to remember God whom you believe and say Sankalp three times i.e. “Siddha Swami Siddha Shakti Do, Jisase Aaj Main Jo Kuch Padhoonga/Padhoongi, Vah Muze Yad Rahe Aur Samay Par Yad Aye” (Siddha Swami give me Siddha Energy due to which whatever I study today, I must be able to keep in mind and whenever needed I must be able to remember/recollect the same).

The next moment, touch your feet to ground, stand erect and perform the Preventive Measures i.e. ‘earthing’ and ‘field cleaning’ and ‘Brain Exercise’, which have been mentioned in earlier blogs.

Do your morning routine work like brushing, toileting, bathing etc and wish your parents, touch their feet and get their blessings.

Before going to school, try to study as per availability of time.

Light incense stick (Agarbatti) or Siddha Stabilizer (If available, it is optional) before opening book. Recite ‘Siddha Kalyan Sadhana’ and then look into the eyes of Siddha Swami (Shaktidata calendar / passport size photograph) and say Sankalp three times i.e. “Siddha Swami Siddha Shakti Deejiye, Jisase Ab Main Jo Kuch Padhoonga / Padhoongi, Vah Mere Samaz Me Aaye, Muze Yad Rahe Aur Samay Par Yad Aye” (Siddha Swami give me Siddha Power due to which whatever I am going to study now, I may understand, may be able to remember and whenever needed I may be able to recollect).

Start the studies now, maybe for one or two hours. A study should be done by sitting and not lying or taking the support of wall etc and should be done in the study room or at the place (one fixed place) available for the purpose.

Get ready for going to school. Just before you go out of house, say Sankalp three times i.e. “Siddha Swami Siddha Shakti Deejiye, Jisase Main Jo Kuch School Mai Padhoonga/Padhoongi, Vah Muze Samaz Men Aye, Yad Rahe Aur Samay Par Yad Aye” (Siddha Swami give me Siddha Energy due to which whatever I shall learn in school, I should understand, keep in mind and whenever needed I must be able to remember the same). Now proceed for school.

The moment teacher enters in a classroom you must wish him. Concentrate and listen to his lecture carefully. Anything not understood, ask him at the end of the class or at any free time. Try to remember, whatever is taught during a free time available to you.

When you come back home, get fresh, play for some time, entertain yourself for a while. Say Siddha Kalyan Sadhana in the evening. Get ready for studies as mentioned above and then say Sankalp three times i.e. “Siddha Swami Siddha Shakti Deejiye, Jisase Ab Main Jo Kuch Padhoonga/Padhoongi, Vah Muze Yad Rahe Aur Samay Par Yad Aye” (Siddha Swami give me Siddha Energy due to which whatever I study now, I must be able to keep in mind and whenever needed I must be able to recollect the same).

Have your dinner and when you go to bed, close eyes and try to remember whatever you have studied till the last moment i.e. till going to bed.

Repeat the same as above every day, so that your studies will be remembered for the longest time and whenever it is needed (especially in examinations), you will be able to remember, write confidently and the result will be best.

As precautionary measures, just before writing/solving questions in examination, kindly close eyes for few seconds, remember Siddha Swamiji and say Sankalp 03 times i.e. “Siddha Swami Siddha Shakti Deejiye, Jisase Maine Kee Hui Padhai Ab Yaad Aye Aur Main Sab Prashno Ka Jawab Likh Sanku Aur Muze Bahot Marks Mile” (Siddha Swami Give me Siddha Energy due to which whatever I have studied I must remember now and I must become able to write answers of all questions so that I may get a lot of marks).

But to do this more effectively, choose to undergo training of Swami Hardas Life System for achieving best results.

There have been many experiments all over India and the best results have been achieved individually and on the school level. Many training programs are being undertaken all over in India on large scale. Even Dr. Swami Hardas has appointed many such authorized trained persons for undertaking this special task so that students are not left behind since this is the need of not only one individual but is a need of the whole nation and the world.


Siddha Education has a system within which successful programs are run conducted regularly, which is explained below for information: –

There are 03 factors work together for getting the best results from Siddha Education system i.e. (a) Student, (b) Parents and (c) Teachers. Let us know what role they play in achieving the best results and how does it help students.

Role of Students: Student of any class or any age, who can recite ‘Siddha Kalyan Sadhana’, is guided according to the explanations given above.

Role of Parents: Parents of students are guided and explained the needs of their student children. They are taught with special Siddha Education Process. Then they are also put into Siddha Process means they are made Sight Healers in Siddha Education Division, who can give healing to their children with regard to studies only.

Role of Teachers: Teachers are guided and explained the need for Siddha Education Process to their students and benefits achieved. Then they are also put into Siddha Process means they are made Mass Healers of Siddha Education, who can give Healing to their all students in a class at one go for the concentration of studies and overall progress of students.

Siddha Brain Exercise: This Siddha Brain Exercise is done for the retention/increasing memory and releasing tension. This is a very simple exercise and can be performed by anybody. The procedure has already been explained in an earlier blog published. Read more…


Ladies and gentlemen, by reading ‘Best and successful methods of achieving progress in education’, I hope the above-suggested remedies have been understood by you. In case, if there is any doubt, you may contact me.

So it is the right time to say that we shall discuss the next subject of ‘How To Achieve Progress: Agriculture’ and how it can be easily achieved with the easiest methods. So wait for a couple of days.

One may think that ‘agriculture’ is not your baby but the knowledge about it will not go waste because you may need it to be applied to even plants, trees, kitchen garden etc around you or at least you can guide/help/serve others to achieve ‘progress’ in this most neglected field. So, don’t neglect and remember the slogan “Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan’. See you soon!



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  1. The Historical ‘Oxford English Dictionary’ defines progress as “advancement to a further or higher stage, or to further or higher stages successively; growth; development, usually to a better state or condition; improvement . . . applied especially to manifestations of social, spiritual and economic change or reform.

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