Blood Cancer & Free Siddha Energy Remedies

Blood Cancer

The root cause of blood cancer is genetic factors and is considered a most dreaded disease. More than 6 million people die with blood cancer in the world. The situation is worsening day-by-day. Hence, in this article, we are going to learn about blood cancer, types of blood cancer, symptoms, causes, diagnosis. Also, we will be privileged to know treatments available in Medical science, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, and Home Remedies. Learning about Blood cancer & free Siddha energy remedies, without money & medicines would be quite easier and beneficial to all. Siddha Spirituality of Swami Hardas Life System has the capability to solve problems related to Blood Cancer. So read thoroughly and know for how to gain blood cancer health.

blood cancer pictures
Blood Cancer Picture

Blood cancers affect the production and function of your blood cells. Most of these cancers start in your bone marrow where blood is produced. Stem cells in your bone marrow mature and develop into three types of blood cells:

  • Red blood cells
  • White blood cells, or
  • Platelets

The normal blood cell development process is interrupted by the uncontrolled growth of an abnormal type of blood cell in most blood cancers. These abnormal blood cells, or cancerous cells, prevent your blood from performing many of its functions, like fighting off infections or preventing serious bleeding.

Blood cancer types

There are three main types of blood cancers:

  • Leukemia, a type of cancer found in your blood and bone marrow, is caused by the rapid production of abnormal white blood cells. The high number of abnormal white blood cells are not able to fight infection, and they impair the ability of the bone marrow to produce red blood cells and platelets.
leukiamia blood cancer pictures साठी इमेज परिणाम
Leukemia Blood Cancer
  • Lymphoma is a type of blood cancer that affects the lymphatic system, which removes excess fluids from your body and produces immune cells. Lymphocytes are a type of white blood cell that fight infection. Abnormal lymphocytes become lymphoma cells, which multiply and collect in your lymph nodes and other tissues. Over time, these cancerous cells impair your immune system.
Lymphoma blood cancer pictures साठी इमेज परिणाम
Lymphoma blood cancer Treatment
  • Myeloma is a cancer of the plasma cells. Plasma cells are white blood cells that produce disease- and infection-fighting antibodies in your body. Myeloma cells prevent the normal production of antibodies, leaving your body’s immune system weakened and susceptible to infection.
Myeloma blood cancer pictures साठी इमेज परिणाम
Blood Cancer Myeloma Facts

Blood Cancer Causes

  • Exposure to radiation
  • Exposure to chemicals
  • Human T-cell Leukaemia Virus
  • Genetic factors

Blood cancer symptoms

  • Tiredness
  • Bleeding
  • Bruising
  • Fever
  • Weight loss

Blood cancer treatment

Treatment for blood cancer depends on the type of cancer, your age, how fast the cancer is progressing, where cancer has spread and other factors. Some common blood cancer treatments include:

  • Stem cell transplantation: A stem cell transplant infuses healthy blood-forming stem cells into the body. Stem cells can be collected from the bone marrow, circulating (peripheral) blood and umbilical cord blood.
  • Chemotherapy: Chemotherapy is the use of anticancer drugs designed to interfere with and halt the growth of cancer cells in the body. Chemotherapy for blood cancer sometimes consists of giving several drugs together in a set regimen.
  • Radiation therapy: Is used to destroy cancer cells or to relieve pain or discomfort, which may also be given before a stem cell transplant.

Blood cancer treatment – Ayurveda

Ayurveda has devised a holistic process that potentially cures you of blood cancer and endows you with a fresh lease of life. Blood cancer causes may be enumerated as:

  • Genetic imbalances
  • Exposure to harmful radiation
  • Stressful and unhealthy lifestyle
  • Consumption of degenerating food items

As such, Ayurveda tries to heal not just the disease but also the germ of the disease and in the process, improves your well-being. Ayurveda grapples with blood cancer in the following ways:

  1. Adjuvant to ongoing treatment: Ayurvedic treatments may be used as ancillaries alongside the ongoing chemotherapy and radiology. Ayurveda stimulates your inbuilt immunity and thus prolongs and rejuvenates your lifespan. That aside, the natural benefits that Ayurveda provides your body to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy and help in complete remission of the disease.
  2. Rasashastra: It believes that remedy lies in ‘pitta’ restoration. Under this treatment, Ayurveda uses a combination of metals vis-a-vis the purest elements to minimize the deterioration of the condition. A unique combination of silver, gold, and other essential minerals can be wondrous to boost the immunity of the cells and restore the normal cell production rate in your marrows. This goes a long way in obliterating the damage caused by blood cancer.
  3. The right diet: Consuming the most favorite foods are essential while battling cancer. An alkaline diet comprising of coconut water, warm, fresh nutritious food like leafy greens, apples and nuts must be regularly consumed.

Blood cancer treatment – Homeopathy

Homeopathic remedies are safe, and some reliable clinical studies have shown that homeopathic remedies are effective in treating cancer and the side effects of cancer or its treatment. These drugs reduce pain, improve vitality and sense of well-being, control the spread of cancer, and boost the immune system. The preferred way of treatment of cancer with homeopathy is to add the indicated homeopathic remedy as a complementary therapy to the conventional treatment.

Blood cancer – Home remedies

Following a few home remedies can be futile for the eradication of blood cancer:

Cow urine: Have two tablespoons of cow urine daily twice in a day. Once in the morning empty stomach and one hour prior to the meal in the evening.

Green tea: Have two cups of green tea twice daily. Once in the morning empty stomach and minimum one-hour prior to the meal in the evening.

Wheatgrass: Extract the juice of wheatgrass and take two tablespoons daily twice in a day. Once in the morning empty stomach and minimum one-hour prior to the meal in the evening.

Please click here to read more about natural home remedies.

Blood Cancer & Free Siddha energy remedies

The following five quite effective self-learned remedies for how to solve anemia with free Siddha energy remedies would be helpful:

1. Siddha preventive measures Blood Cancer

Everybody must practice Siddha preventive measures, whether affected with a blood cancer or not, but they are the primary steps for switching on to any other Siddha energy remedies, and hence they are important. It helps in one’s capability, effectiveness, productivity, decision making power, intellectuality and removing minor health problems.

Everybody’s tendency is to get attracted toward the word ‘free‘, however, don’t neglect even these Siddha preventive measures are free. Avail the benefits by practicing them regularly. For the ease of understanding Siddha preventive measures, please watch a video for a live demonstration.

2. Siddha Shaktidata Yog Blood Cancer 

This unique Siddha Shaktidata Yog can solve the problems related to blood cancer with free Siddha energy remedies. There is no compulsion of training of ‘Swami Hardas Life System’ methods. This not only gives benefits to self but also it can be used for other affected persons, whether a person is in the same house, distantly available in the same city, same nation or maybe in corner of the world, however, both the procedures have been explained here.

3. Siddha Kalyan Sadhana Blood Cancer

Recite this Sadhana with a Sankalp “My blood cancer problems are solved as early as possible and I should gain health”, which should be repeated in mind 3 – 3 times every after each stanza. Any person irrespective of caste, creed, religion, faithsex, and age can recite this Sadhana for free, which should be repeated at least twice in a day. To know more about, please click on this link.

4. CCPE products Blood Cancer

These products work on the concepts of ‘Conceptual Creative Positive Energy’ (CCPE) within the provisions of ‘CCPE Life System’ and the theory of Quantum Technology to a certain extent. However, the products get activated only whenever touched by a human and then they become capable of solving the problem and achieving health.

The use of CCPE products, being Energy Therapy, is one of the most effective free Siddha energy remedies for the persons, who could not undergo training of Siddha Spirituality of Swami Hardas Life System.  However, please use these products for blood cancer as mentioned below:

CCPE Extractor

The CCPE Extractor should be gently moved over the Agya Chakra in a circular motion at least for 30 to 60 seconds, thereafter, follow the same process on the chest (both breasts), and naval for blood cancer for another 30 to 60 seconds for each spot, which will convert negativity into positivity.

CCPE Booster

Keep one Booster over the Agya Chakra and one each over the chest (both breasts), and naval for 3 to 5 minutes. You may need to have 5 Boosters and the process would finish within almost 3 – 5 minutes, which establishes positivity.

CCPE Booster Powder

Add a pinch of CCPE Booster powder in a glass of water/juice/milk and drink daily minimum 3 times a day. It will help overcome all the symptoms of blood cancer, as mentioned above.

5. Touch therapy for Blood Cancer 

A desirous person can undergo training-process irrespective of caste, creed, religion, faith, and sex. However, trained persons can apply the following methods for how to apply these free Siddha energy remedies for overcoming blood cancer:

  • Touch therapy – UAM on the head, chest, and naval
  • Distant therapy – Distant healing, Siddha Shaktidata Yog
  • Sankalp therapy – Siddha Kalyan Sadhana, Mantra Sadhana
  • Energy therapy – Vishwa Kalyan Sadhana, CCPE Products, CCPE Booster powder

There are various reasons behind health, peace, and progress related problems, but effective free Siddha energy remedies would help solve all of them.

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In view of the above, I am confident that you have learned the basics of blood cancer & free siddha energy remedies, and additionally the types, symptoms, causes, diagnosis, and blood cancer as a wholeMoreover, as a bonus, you also learned treatments available in Medical science, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Home remedies, and how to apply free Siddha energy remedies, without money and medicines. Now its right time to use acquired knowledge for solving problems related to blood cancer &  free siddha energy remedies for free.

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