To be very frank, there is no need of leaving home, no need to sit under a tree, no need to sit under the sun, no need to visit monsters in the Himalayas for achieving peace. Instead one should learn to organize actions, thinking process, emotions and learn to be creative.

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But that is also not so easy hence one can always learn Siddha Methods of Siddha Spirituality and get peace without wasting time and money. It is too difficult to acquire peace in real life, which is even impossible to achieve by spending money but Siddha Methods make it possible.

Believe or not, man is divine by birth but still goes through a life full of stress, strain, strife, tension, and sufferings. This divinity automatically awakes rather remembered by a person when he suffers otherwise he dares not. Man is Godlike when he has no religion, no caste, no bias, no hatred, and no jealousy and that particular stage is childhood. Love is the only language man understands.

With each passing day, the more knowledge he acquires, the more he gets confused, the hold of Maya becomes so powerful that his whole life becomes a bundle of sufferings. By negative thinking, evil karma and mad pursuit of the materialistic pleasure, he makes his life ‘bed of thorns’ and finally bleed himself to death.

For our mental health i.e. peace, we have to control the mind, which paradoxically functions from right within our own bosom. However, if we are mentally sick, we can never be physically healthy.

We cannot so easily control our mind unless we know how to control naturally. Many saints and philosophers have given deep thought to the causes of human sufferings and have suggested certain well-tried and tested methods for reducing the sufferings.

Dr. Swami Hardas also has brought out such well tested and result oriented methods, which can be easy, conveniently practiced by any person irrespective of faith, religion, caste, sex, age or status. These unique methods are not only easy to understand but also cost-effective and time-saving.

The consultation will be provided free of cost for the above problems. Please keep on reading my articles published time to time at, understand and practice the suggested remedies for own as well as for others’ wellbeing.

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