Night Terrors & Free Siddha Energy Remedies

Night terrors (रात का आतंक) are sleep disorder causing feelings of panic or dread typically occurring during the first hours of stage 3–4 non-rapid eye movement (NREM) sleep and lasting for 1 to 10 minutes. They can last longer, especially in children. Sleep terrors are then classified in the category of NREM-related parasomnias in the International Classification of Sleep Disorders. There are two other categories: REM-related parasomnias and other parasomnias. Parasomnias are qualified as undesirable physical events or experiences that occur during entry into sleep, within sleep, or during arousal from sleep. Most people experience night terrors, however, Siddha Spirituality of Swami Hardas Life System appeals to our valuable readers to know about symptoms, causes, diagnosis, treatment, and learn free Siddha energy remedies for wellbeing.

Night terror Definition (रात के आतंक की परिभाषा)

These terrors are a sleep disorder characterized by anxiety episodes with extreme panic, often accompanied by screaming, flailing, fast breathing, and sweating and that usually occurs within a few hours after going to sleep.
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Night terror Symptoms (रात के आतंक के लक्षण)

The universal feature of night terrors is inconsolability, very similar to that of a panic attack. During night terror bouts, people are usually described as “bolting upright” with their eyes wide open and a look of fear and panic on their faces. They will often yell.

Furthermore, they will usually sweat, exhibit rapid breathing, and have a rapid heart rate. In some cases, individuals are likely to have even more elaborate motor activity, such as a thrashing of limbs—which may include punching, swinging, or fleeing motions. 

Although people may seem to be awake during a night terror, they will appear confused, be inconsolable and/or unresponsive to attempts to communicate with them, and may not recognize others familiar to them. 

Sleepwalking is also common during night-terror bouts, as sleepwalking and night terrors are different manifestations of the same parasomnia.

In children with night terrors, there is no increased occurrence of psychiatric diagnoses. However, in adults who suffer from night terrors, there is a close association with psychopathology and mental disorders. 

It is also likely that some personality disorders may occur in individuals with night terrors, such as dependent, schizoid, and borderline personality disorders. 

There have been some symptoms of depression and anxiety that have increased in individuals that have suffered from frequent night terrors. 

Low blood sugar is associated with both pediatric and adult night terrors. 

A study of adults with thalamic lesions of the brain and brainstem have been occasionally associated with night terrors. 

Night terrors are closely linked to sleepwalking and frontal lobe epilepsy.

Night terrors in Children (बच्चों में रात के आतंक का भय)

Typically, night terrors occur in children between the ages of three and twelve years, with a peak onset in children aged three and a half years old. An estimated 1–6% of children experience night terrors. Children of both genders and all ethnic backgrounds are affected equally.

In children younger than three and a half years old, the peak frequency of night terrors is at least one episode per week. Among older children, peak frequency of night terrors is one or two episodes per month. The children will most likely have no recollection of the episode the next day. The pediatric evaluation may be sought to exclude the possibility that the night terrors are caused by seizure disorders or breathing problems. Most children will outgrow sleep terrors.


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Night Terrors In Children

Night terrors in Adults (वयस्कों में रात के आतंक का भय)

Though the symptoms of night terrors in adolescents and adults are similar, the cause, prognosis, and treatment are qualitatively different. These night terrors can occur each night if the sufferer does not eat a proper diet, get the appropriate amount or quality of sleep e.g. sleep apnea, is enduring stressful events, or if he or she remains untreated. Adult night terrors are much less common and often respond to treatments to rectify causes of poor quality or quantity of sleep.

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Night Terrors In Adults

Night terrors Causes (रात के आतंक का कारण)

There is some evidence that a predisposition to night terrors and other parasomnias may be congenital. Individuals frequently report that past family members have had either episode of sleep terrors or sleepwalking

The familial aggregation has been found suggesting that there is an autosomal mode of inheritance. In addition, some laboratory findings suggest that sleep deprivation and having a fever can increase the likelihood of a night terror episode occurring. 

Other contributing factors include nocturnal asthma, gastroesophageal reflux, and central nervous system medications. 

Also, older children and adults provide highly detailed and descriptive images associated with their sleep terrors compared to younger children, who either cannot recall or only vaguely remember. 

Adults who have experienced sexual abuse are more likely to receive a diagnosis of sleep disorders, including night terrors. Overall, though, adult night terrors are much less common and often respond best to treatments that rectify causes of poor quality or quantity of sleep.

Night terrors Diagnosis (रात के आतंक का निदान)

The DSM-V diagnostic criteria for sleep terror disorder requires:

  • Recurrent periods where the individual abruptly but not completely wakes from sleep, usually occurring during the first third major period of sleep.
  • The individual experiences intense fear with a panicky scream at the beginning and symptoms of autonomic arousals, such as increased heart rate, heavy breathing, and increased perspiration. 
  • Unable or almost unable to remember images of the dream – only a single visual scene for example.
  • The occurrence of the sleep terror episode causes clinically significant distress or impairment in the individual’s functioning.
  • Sleep disturbance is not due to the effects of a substance, general medical condition or medication.
  • Coexisting mental or medical disorders do not explain the episodes of sleep terrors.

Differential Night terrors Diagnosis (विभेदक रात के आतंक का निदान)

We have to distinguish night terrors from nightmares. In fact, in nightmares, there are almost never vocalization or agitation, and if there are any, they are less strong in comparison to night terrors. 

In addition, nightmares appear ordinarily during REM sleep in contrast to night terrors, which occur in NREM sleep. Finally, individuals with nightmares can wake up completely and easily and have clear and detailed memories of their dreams.

A distinction between night terrors and epileptic seizure is required. Indeed, an epileptic seizure could happen during the night but also during the day. To make the difference between both of them, an EEG can be done and if there are some anomalies on it, it would rather be an epileptic seizure.

Night terrors Treatment (रात के आतंक का इलाज)

In most children, night terrors eventually subside and do not need to be treated. It may be helpful to reassure the child and their family that they will outgrow this disorder.

The duration of one episode is mostly brief but, it lasts longer, parents may try to wake up the child. Awakening the child may make their agitation stronger. For all these reasons, it is important to let the sleep terror episode fade away and to just be vigilant in order for them not to fall to the ground.

Hypnosis could be efficient. Sleepers could become less sensitive to their sleep terrors.

Psychotherapy or counseling can be helpful in many cases. There is some evidence to suggest that night terrors can result from a lack of sleep or poor sleeping habits. In these cases, it can be helpful to improve the amount and quality of sleep which the child is getting. It is also important to have good sleep hygiene if a child has night terrors parents could try to change their sleep hygiene.

If all these methods are not enough, benzodiazepines (such as diazepam) or tricyclic antidepressants may be used.

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Night terrors & Free Siddha energy remedies (रात का आतंक और नि:शुल्क सिद्ध ऊर्जा उपचार)

1. Siddha preventive measures (सिद्ध निवारक उपाय)

Everybody must practice Siddha preventive measures, whether a person is affected with night terrors or not, but preventive measures are the primary steps for switching on to any other Siddha energy remedies, and hence they are important. It helps in one’s capability, effectiveness, and productivity, decision making power, intellectuality and removing minor health problems. There are three types of preventive measures:

  • Earthing – performed for earthing the negativity of our body
  • Field Cleaning – cleans energy field (Aura) of our body
  • Siddha Brain Exercise/Energizing – energizes our brain for proper functionality

Everybody’s tendency is to get attracted to the word ‘free‘, however, don’t neglect even these Siddha preventive measures are free. Avail the benefits by practicing them sincerely, and regularly. For the ease of understanding Siddha preventive measures, please watch a video for a live demonstration.

2. Siddha Shaktidata Yog (सिद्ध शक्तीदाता योग)

This unique Siddha Shaktidata Yog of Siddha Spirituality can solve the problems related to night terrors with free Siddha energy remedies. There is no compulsion of training of ‘Swami Hardas Life System’ methods. This not only gives benefits to self but also it can be used for other affected persons, whether a person is in the same house, distantly available in the same city, same nation or might be in any corner of the world, however, both the procedures have been explained here.

3. Siddha Kalyan Sadhana (सिद्ध कल्याण साधना)

Recite this Sadhana with a Sankalp “My problems of night terrors are solved as early as possible and I should gain health”, which should be repeated in mind 3 – 3 times every after each stanza. Any person irrespective of caste, creed, religion, faithsex, and age can recite this Sadhana for free, which should be repeated at least twice in a day. To know more, please click on this link.

4. CCPE products (CCPE उत्पाद)

These products work on the concepts of ‘Conceptual Creative Positive Energy’ (CCPE) within the provisions of the ‘CCPE Life System’ and the theory of Quantum Technology to a certain extent. However, the products get activated only whenever touched by a human and then they become capable of solving the problem and achieving health. However, please use these products for night terrors as mentioned below:

CCPE Extractor: The CCPE Extractor should be gently moved over the Agya Chakra in a circular motion at least for 30 to 60 seconds, thereafter, follow the same process on the head for another 30 to 60 seconds, which finishes within almost 1 – 2 minutes.

CCPE Booster: Keep one Booster over the Agya Chakra and another one each over the head for 3 minutes. You may need to have 2 Boosters, which establishes positivity

5. A daily routine for night terrors (रात के आतंक के लिए एक दैनिक दिनचर्या)

In general, a daily routine to manage night terrors:

  • Carry out all medical checks as suggested above and follow the advice of your doctor
  • Adopt a healthy lifestyle and a Sattvic diet
  • Do aerobic exercises regularly
  • Apply free Siddha energy remedies minimum 3 times a day, as explained above
  • Perform Swayamsiddha Agnihotra daily, if feasible
  • In case, if someone wishes to learn advanced methods of Swami Hardas Life System, undergo unique training

Ensure to sprinkle in some fun during the day, however, don’t forget to relax and laugh in between. Laughing is a great way to boost your immune system and help you.

Apply above explained free Siddha energy remedies minimum 3 times a day, the more is good. Just try the methods of Siddha Spirituality of Swami Hardas Life System. I am confident that you will surely find improvements within 15 days.

Training of Swami Hardas Life System (स्वामी हरदास लाइफ सिस्टम का प्रशिक्षण)

Any problem with regard to health, peace, and progress can be solved independently without money and medicines by undergoing training of Swami Hardas Life System. Any person irrespective of religion, caste, creed, faith, sex, and age can undergo this unique training.

Conclusion (निष्कर्ष)

In view of the above, I am confident that you have learned about night terrors, symptoms, causes, diagnosis, and treatment. You also learned free Siddha energy remedies. Now, you have become self-sufficient, hence its right time to use your acquired knowledge for solving problems as per the provision available in Siddha Spirituality of Swami Hardas Life System.

However, keep learning and practicing the free Siddha Energy Remedies, which would help guide how to solve various problems regarding health, peace, and progress, without money and medicines.

After reading this article, what are your thoughts? Infact, I believe in sharing knowledge. Can I expect you to let me know your precious thoughts?

The opinions expressed in this article are the personal opinions of the concerned site owners. Siddha Spirituality For Health is not responsible for the accuracy, completeness, suitability, or validity of any information on this article. However, it is advisable to consult a specialist in the concerned field before availing of the benefits. Hence we do not assume any responsibility or liability for the same.


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