Dr. Swami Hardas, Inventor of ‘Swami Hardas Life System: Introduction

Dr. Swami Hardas

Readers are requested to read the introduction of Dr. Swami Hardas who is an inventor of the unique, pious concept of Swami Hardas Life System. The concept is easy to understand, learn and practice by any layman. This is one the wonders in the universe that Dr. Swami Hardas has developed such a method, which needs no education, no money, no medicines and can be independently applied for the wellbeing of not only self but also selfless services can be rendered to family members, friends, relatives, and others. Every one of us can learn to serve mankind from this article. So, be one to be fortunate to know Dr. Swami Hardas.

Dr. Swami Hardas, Inventor & Founder


It is no exaggeration that words fall short for writing about ‘Swami Hardas’. He is also known as Dr. Swami Hardas. He is mild in nature, large-hearted, simple is his appearance and living; he has a thorough knowledge of most of the subjects; he is a renowned astrologer, has a unique personality. He is selflessly and tirelessly working for almost 18 to 20 hours a day and travels almost 6000 KM every month. All this is just beyond the capacity of human beings.


He has invented most powerful and unique alternate therapies/methods i.e. ‘Siddha Marg’, ‘Siddha Science’, ‘Sish Technology’ and ‘Swami Hardas Life System’. He is also founder and president of ‘Siddha Mandir’, ‘Health & Peace Foundation’, ‘Siddha Science Research & Development Organization’, ‘Swami Hardas Charitable Trust’ and many such organizations founded at following address: – “S. No. 50/7, ‘Shaktidata’, (Siddha Nagar), Old Mundhawa Road, Wadgaonsheri, PUNE – 411 014” (India). That is the reason, he is also known as ‘Siddhapeethadheeshwar Swami Hardas’.

The roadmap of spiritual achievements

Shri. Narayan Pandurang Gaike is his original name. He is master of many subjects. He was named as ‘Swami Hardas’ by none other than ‘Siddha Gorakshanath’ on the auspicious day of ‘Kojagiri Purnima’ (Sharad Poonam) in 1989 for carrying out ‘Siddha Work’ when he was in ‘Haridwar’ taking bath in sacred ‘Ganga’ river.

siddha science
‘Kojagiri Purnima’ of 1989 (Date: 14 October 1989 Day: Saturday)

The occasion was not only sacred but was quite amazing for Shri. Narayan Pandurang Gaike. He could not understand what ‘Siddha Work’ is about and how it should be carried out.

Who is ‘Siddha Gorakshanath’ and why He selected only Shri Narayan Pandurang Gaike for carrying out this amazing ‘Siddha Work’? Such questions are bound to arise in our minds. Before we know more about ‘Swami Hardas’, let us find out the answers to these questions.

Siddha Gorakshanath Idol in Siddha Mandir, Pune (India)

Goraksha Nath was unable to understand what exactly Lord Siddheshwar wanted to say Him and hence He started meditation. Lord Siddheshwar again appeared before him and said, “you are doing good work but how many people are benefited from it? Not many, hardly few people get benefit from your service rendered.

This world is leading to hazard, people who need most are not benefited and those who are great sufferers are unable to reach up to you. Your services are not reaching the common and needy people who are in large numbers.

If these problems are solved, it would help many and thus this universe would be made free from many problems”. Now, Goraksha Nath could understand the meaning and he transformed himself into a common and simple person from his original look of ‘sanyasi’ and since then is known as ‘Siddha Gorakshanath’.

Thus, his ‘Siddha Work’ started and more and more people started getting benefits from Siddha Gorakshanath but it could continue for a few days only. The problem faced by other Nathas was that due to a transformation from ‘Sanyasi’ to ‘common appearance’, people started taking undue advantage and also other eight Nathas started losing respect in society. Hence Siddha Gorakshanath stopped ‘Siddha Work’ and came back to the appearance of ‘sanyasi’ again.

After a few years, Lord Siddheshwar again appeared before Goraksha Nath and asked Him about His Siddha Work because the condition of the people was the same. Then Goraksha Nath thought seriously on this matter because this work had to be started again but which way?

Finally, he could find the solution and it was the sacred/holy day of ‘Kojagiri Purnima’ of the year 1989, on which Shri Narayan Pandurang Gaike was in Haridwar (a holy city of India) for taking part in a World Conference of Astrologers.

While taking a holy bath on the bank of Holy River named ‘Ganga’, surprisingly Siddha Gorakshanath gave ‘Darshana’ (appearance) to him and ordered, “Start the Siddha Work in the name of Swami Hardas” and he disappeared. With this order, Dr. Swami Hardas re-opened ‘Siddha Marg’, which was discontinued by Siddha Gorakshanath.


The Siddha Work started from the Siddha Gorakshanath’s Temple known as ‘Siddha Mandir’ constructed in 1990 by Dr. Swami Hardas himself on his own land at ‘Survey No. 50/7, ‘Shaktidata’, Siddha Nagar, Old Mundhawa Road, Wadgaonsheri, Pune – 411 014 (India)’. People started visiting the temple and getting benefits.

This was again a slow process of development and Dr. Swami Hardas thought about speeding of the work and impart benefits to all human beings. Finally, Dr. Swami Hardas started his ‘tapascharya’ (penance) on the orders and under the guidance of Siddha Gorakshanath on 12 Jun 1996, which was completed on 29 Dec 1996 with the blessings from Gods, many saints and founders of all the religions.

During these 201 days’ ‘tapascharya’, Dr Swami Hardas could get the knowledge of ‘Siddha Marg’ and ‘Siddha Science’ but could not get the knowledge of its use hence on the insistence of Siddha Gorakshanath, Dr. Swami Hardas started his ‘Soumya tapascharya’ (mild penance) on 30 Dec 1996, which lasted for 435 days and ended on 09 March 1998.

This time also all the Gods, saints and founders of all the religions blessed him and thus Dr. Swami Hardas got full knowledge of ‘Siddha Marg’ and ‘Siddha Science’. Since then ‘Siddha Work’ has developed speedily and reached all over the world (almost 190 countries) within the short period of 07 years, making aware and beneficial, millions of people irrespective of religion, caste, creed, sex or status.

For this noble work only, the Open International University honored Swamiji by offering him a certificate of Doctor of Literature (D Lit) in January 2000.

So we have come to know about ‘Nathas’ and ‘Siddha Gorakshanath’ and partially about Dr. Swami Hardas.

Why Shri. Narayan Pandurang

The answer to another question i.e. ‘Why Siddha Gorakshanath selected only Shri Narayan Pandurang Gaike’ for carrying out ‘Siddha Work’ is quite unique?

Child Narayan was born at village Anjangaon Surji, Dist: Amravati, State: Maharashtra on 21st August 1940 in a poor family. Mother was housewife and father renowned astrologer. A cordial spiritual atmosphere in the family helped child Narayan to grow with curiosity about Gods, ‘Graha’ (planets) like ‘Rahu’, ‘Ketu’ and ‘Shani’ etc. How and why they are contributable for the sorrows of the people.

Whatever way mother or father used to answer to child Narayan’s questions spiritually, he continued reciting a mantra i.e. ‘Om Chaitanya Gorakshanathay Namaha’ sincerely but the way he understood. Child Narayan although was unable to complete his educational studies due to inadequate financial resources, the doors of his prosperity opened one by one and with Herculean efforts, he could complete his education up to 11th standard and joined Indian Air Force in 1960. He served for 15 years i.e. up to 1975.

He fought 02 wars during the period and was saved by Siddha Gorakshanath on different odd occasions. He married in 1964 and meanwhile developed his family but also continued studying ‘astrology’ and ‘spirituality’. He never forgot to recite the very sacred mantra. He gradually acquired spiritual knowledge and capacity.

Shri. Narayan himself experienced many spiritual developments within him, which were quite unique in nature. The dedication, confidence, and efforts helped him receive guidance from Siddha Gorakshanath indirectly and Shri. Narayan Pandurang Gaike followed with great faith.

After retirement from Indian Air Force, he served as a manager in various private and government organizations and even in DRDO (Defence Research & Development Organization) but he always felt that he needs to do something great for humanity but was unable to come to conclusion what and how?

Finally, the day came when he went to Haridwar (a sacred place in India) for participating and presenting his work of astrology in the ‘World Conference of Astrology’.

And on the very auspicious day, i.e. ‘Kojagiri Purnima’ of 1989 (Date: 14 October 1989 Day: Saturday), he got what he needed and thus was selected by Siddha Gorakshanath for carrying out ‘Siddha Work’ even after Shri. Narayan Pandurang Gaike had a specific educational background of science and technology.

Thus Shri. Narayan Pandurang Gaike became Dr. Swami Hardas on the auspicious day of ‘Kojagiri Purnima’ in 1989. Siddha Gorakshanath and Lord Siddheshwar Himself blessed him with the unique Divine Power, which was a very unique experience for Shri. Narayan Pandurang Gaike.

As a result, Dr. Swami Hardas gifted the unique and precious ‘Siddha Methods’ to the world named ‘Siddha Marg’, ‘Siddha Science’, ‘Sish Technology’ and ‘Swami Hardas Life System’.

These methods are so unique and powerful that any common person whether literate or illiterate, believer of any religion, belonging to any caste or creed, may be of any sex or status can learn in couple of hours and solve problems related to actual life e.g. ‘health’, ‘peace’, ‘progress’, ‘Vastu’, ‘agriculture’, ‘addiction’, ‘education’, ‘employment’, ‘marriage’, even ‘spiritual’ and leads to ‘Atmanada’.

These methods although are very simple but being quite powerful and effective, one can acquire the capacity of solving them independently within the shortest period and almost free or with very negligible expenses.

Dr. Swami Hardas and his precious Siddha Work, within the shortest span of 07 years, reached to millions of people in almost 190 countries and within India even at tehsil/district levels. Is not it a great work of Dr. Swami Hardas? How it became possible? There are a few reasons behind this success.

The most important is that Swamiji’s pure intention to make people self-reliant, capable of solving their problems independently, free training, guidance and services; encouragement to serve others selflessly and by doing this lead to ‘Aatmananda’. Swamiji’s these valued expectations are being fulfilled through his created and devoted ‘Siddha Swayamsewak’ (Siddha Volunteers) and the whole world started changing day by day. Now let us get acquainted with Dr. Swami Hardas.

Child Narayan through his unique curiosity, respect, and dedication towards his parents, teachers, studies and spiritual activities, became Shri. Narayan Pandurang Gaike and at last became successful Dr. Swami Hardas.

His life took a sharp turn in the year 1989 and when he received full blessings from Siddha Gorakshanath, Lord Siddheshwar and other saints, he did not look behind. He faced many odds and evens but he did not lose his hope and steadily, within the shortest period of 07 years, he could impart ‘health’, ‘peace’ and ‘progress’ to millions and millions of aspirants and needy persons.

Dr. Swami Hardas, in general, is a soft-spoken person. He talks to any person, listens to the problems and guides them accordingly. He goes to villages, cities and even houses.

He demands nothing, he eats whatever is offered, he never complains of anything, he mingles with all as a simple man and gives so much that we are unable to take. He looks so simple but for his followers, he is 10th Nath. He has been blessed and trained by Siddha Gorakshanath Himself who possessed almost 40 lakhs ‘Vidhya’ (wisdom) and still is being guided from time to time.

Dr. Swami Hardas expects only one thing from all the people i.e. learn, understand, practice the methods invented by him and take maximum benefits. The difference between all of us and Dr. Swami Hardas is that we always think of ourselves but he thinks always of we all.

Why should not we think of Dr. Swami Hardas? After all, he has blessed us the great Siddha Power, through which we are able to solve our problems of any kind. He gave us the power, which cannot be compared with money. The most important thing is that he has given without knowing our capability and even without knowing us in person.

Dr. Swami Hardas has given us Siddha Power, which can do only good to self and others. The methods learned and practiced give no side effects or do not harm, then why should not we use it for the welfare of self and others?

Dr. Swami Hardas is a person, who demands nothing. It does not mean that we also should not give him anything, which is within our reach. It becomes our moral duty, responsibility to give him more than what we have got from him.

However, helping him means helping us. It must be understood before it gets too late that we are living with none other than the 10th Nath in this ‘Kaliyuga’ who has received special blessings of Siddha Gorakshanath and we have received special blessings from Dr. Swami Hardas.

He is now no more Shri Narayan Pandurang Gaike, he has been named as ‘Dr. Swami Hardas’ by none other than Siddha Gorakshanath who Himself was so kind-hearted and benevolent.

If this understanding comes from the bottom of our heart, it means Dr. Swami Hardas’s dream of converting ‘Kaliyuga’ into ‘Satyayuga’ will be fulfilled soon. Moreover, Siddha Work is not only limited to Dr. Swami Hardas, now it is the duty and responsibility of we all.

If we understand this, we can change the whole world and get rid of all problems and attract the whole world towards our great Indian Culture and great country ‘Bharat Mata’.

The other questions e.g. ‘What is Siddha Work’? ‘What is Siddha Marg, and Siddha Science’? Let us know the answer to these questions also.

Siddha methods and base

Dr. Swami Hardas is of the opinion that the problems should be solved by applying three types of remedies:

  • Materialistic Remedy
  • Divine Remedy, and
  • Spiritual Remedy

By adopting this method, the problems are solved within the shortest period without giving any adverse effects. Materialistic means ‘Bhoutik’, Divine means ‘Daivik’ and Spiritual means ‘Aadhyatmik’.

Materialistic remedies mean the resources materialistically available e.g. one can always seek advice and help from Doctor for solving health-related problems, seek advocate’s advice for solving court-related problems, seek advice from the concerned expert of the field for the concerned problems.

If such remedies are applied with the support of divinity and spirituality provisions, problems are solved within the shortest period and adverse effects also can be avoided.

As a matter of fact, Siddha Methods alone also can solve the problems of any nature rather some problems for which no remedy works or no remedy is available, Siddha Marg, Siddha Science, Sish Technology, Swami Hardas Life System proves successful. We classify Siddha Methods in the following way: –

  • Siddha Marg: This method can be learned by the believers of Indian culture since it includes Homa – Hawan, Pooja, Prayer, Abhishek – Anusthan, Sadhana, Mantra Jap and so on. Hence remedies to problems are applied as ‘Spiritual’ or ‘Aadhyatmik’. However, believer of other religions can apply the remedies available as per their religion.
  • Siddha Science: This method can be learned by anybody, irrespective of caste, creed, sex, religion since it does not include Homa – Hawan, Pooja, Prayer, Abhishek – Anusthan, Sadhana, Mantra Jap etc. Since the base is Siddha Power i.e. divine the remedies to problems are applied as ‘Divine’ or ‘Daivik’.
  • Sish Technology: This method also can be learned by anybody, irrespective of caste, creed, sex, religion, believer, non believer since it does not include Homa – Hawan, Pooja, Prayer, Abhishek – Anusthan, Sadhana, Mantra Jap and the medium is a special construction named ‘SISH’ (Special Induction System for Health) from where Siddha Power is received. Since the base is Siddha Power i.e. Divine the remedies to problems are applied as ‘Divine’ or ‘Daivik’.
  • Swami Hardas Life System: It’s a new and unique method. However, this method also can be learned by anybody irrespective of caste, creed, sex, and religion. It is the most powerful method. Since the base is Siddha Power i.e. divine, the remedies to problems are applied as ‘Divine’ or ‘Daivik’.

Other Details of Dr. Swami Hardas 

  • Original name: Shri. Narayan Pandurang Gaike.
  • Siddha name: Swami Hardas (Name given by Siddha Gorakshanath)
  • Date of birth: 21 Aug 1940.
  • Place of birth: Village: Anjangaon (Surji), Dist: Amrawati, State: Maharashtra (India)
  • Marriage: 21 May 1964.
  • Education: Graduation in many subjects.
  • Inventions: Siddha Marg, Siddha Science, Sish Technology and Swami Hardas Life System.
  • Founder: Swami Hardas Charitable Trust, Health & Peace Foundation, Siddha Science Research & Development Organization, Sish International, Siddha Mandir, Glorious World Organization etc
  • Writer: Many books on Siddha Science, Siddha Marg, Sish Technology, Holy Books i.e. Pothi and periodicals.
  • Awards & Honours: Many within India and from many other countries.
  • Achievement: Blessings and special security cover from Siddha Gorakshanath and founders of many religions. Long tapascharya (penance) of 201 days, Mild tapascharya of 435 days, a creation of millions of ‘Swayamsewak’, imparting health, peace, and progress to all.
  • Ambitious Goal: Health, Peace to all and Progress of all, problem-solving, eradication of poverty, glorious life, divine peace, Aatmananda and wellbeing of all.

Thanks for sparing time to read this long article!!!!!!



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