2 Best Remedies: How To Solve Vastu Dosha/Vastu Related Problems

Vastu terminology

The Sanskrit word Vastu means a dwelling or house with a corresponding plot of land. The Vastu takes the meaning of “the site or foundation of a house, site, ground, building or dwelling-place, habitation, homestead, house”. The underlying root is vast “to dwell, live, stay, reside”. The term Shastra (science) may loosely be translated as “doctrine, teaching”. So, please know ‘2 Best Remedies: How To Solve Vastu Dosha/Vastu Related Problems’ in detail and solve the problems accordingly, without money.

Vastu-Sastras (literally, a science of dwelling) are ancient Sanskrit manuals of architecture. These contain Vastu-Vidya (literally, knowledge of dwelling).

The Indian system of an ancient era architecture (Vastu) is based on three main important elements i.e. – Bhogadyam (utilitarian/fit for the specific purpose), Sukha Darshan (aesthetics) and Ramya (customer delight / inner delight / spiritual satisfaction). The mud pot (lota) is often considered the perfect combination of these three elements. These have been described in Mahabharata when Yudhishthir sits in despair looking at barren Indraprastha.

Traditional history

Proposals tracing potential links of the principles of composition in Vastu Shastra and the Indus Valley Civilization have been made, but Kapila Vatsyayan is reluctant to speculate on such links given the Indus Valley script remains undeciphered.

According to Chakrabarti, Vastu Vidya is as old the Vedic period and linked to the ritual architecture. According to Michael W. Meister, the Atharvaveda contains verses with mystic cosmogony which provide a paradigm for cosmic planning, but they did not represent architecture nor a developed practice. Varahamihira’s Brihat Samhita dated to the sixth century CE, states Meister, is the first known Indian text that describes “something like a Vastupurusamandala to plan cities and buildings”.

The emergence of Vastu Vidya as a specialized field of science is speculated to have occurred significantly before the 1st-century CE.

Vastu description

There exist many Vastu-Shastras on the art of building houses, temples, towns, and cities. One such Vastu Shastra is by Thakkura Pheru, describing where and how temples should be built.

Temple, Dwarkadhish, Jagat Mandir

Application of Vastu can be broadly on Land and Building. On land, it may be agricultural farms, colonies, plots or even gardens etc. Since all the construction has to take place on land it is imperative that the selection of land is correct and is as per Vastu norms. In a new structure, a lot of things can be easily taken care in establishing the right energy levels by the use of materials allowing natural positive energy to enter and negative/polluted air to go out.

These ancient Vastu Shastras, often discuss and describe the principles of Hindu temple design, but do not limit themselves to the design of a Hindu temple. They describe the temple as a holistic part of its community and lay out various principles and diversity of alternate designs for home, village and city layout along with the temple, gardens, water bodies, and nature etc.

Sanscrit treatises/books on architecture

Of the numerous Sanskrit treatises mentioned in ancient Indian literature, some have been translated into English. Many Agamas, Puranas and Hindu scriptures include chapters on the architecture of temples, homes, villages, towns, fortifications, streets, shop layout, public wells, public bathing, public halls, gardens, riverfronts among other things.

Library Book Reading Education Knowledge R

In some cases, the manuscripts are partially lost, some are available only in Tibetan, Nepalese or South Indian languages, while in other original Sanskrit manuscripts are available in different parts of India. Some of the following treatises or books with chapters on Vastu Shastra include:-

  • Manasara
  • Brhat Samhita
  • Mayamata
  • Anka Shastra
  • Aparajita Vastu Shastra
  • Maha-agamas (28 books, each with 12 to 75 chapters)
  • Ayadi Lakshana
  • Aramadi Pratishtha Paddhati (includes garden design)
  • Kasyapiya
  • Kupadi Jala Sthana Lakshana
  • Kshetra Nirmana Vidhi (preparation of land and foundation of buildings including temples)
  • Gargya Samhita (pillars, doors, windows, wall design, and architecture)
  • Griha Pithika (types of houses and their construction)
  • Ghattotsarga Suchanika (riverfront and steps architecture)
  • Chakra Shastra
  • Jnana Ratna kosha
  • Vastu Sarani (measurement, ratio and design layouts of objects, particularly buildings)
  • Devalaya Lakshana (the treatise on the construction of temples)
  • Dhruvadi Shodasa Gehani (guidelines for the arrangement of buildings with respect to each other for harmony)
  • Nava shastra (36 books, most lost)
  • Agni Purana (Chapters 42 through 55, and 106 – Nagaradi Vastu)
  • Matsya Purana (Chapters 252 through 270)
  • Maya Samgraha
  • Prasada kirtana
  • Prasada Lakshana
  • Tachchu shastra (primarily home design for families)
  • Manushyalaya Lakshana (primarily human dwellings)
  • Manushyalaya Chandrika
  • Mantra Dipika
  • Mana Kathana (measurement principles)
  • Manava Vastu Lakshana
  • Manasollasa (chapters on house layout, mostly ancient cooking recipes)
  • Raja Griha Nirmana (architecture and construction principles for royal palaces)
  • Rupa Mandana
  • Vastu chakra
  • Vastu Tattva
  • Vastu Nirnaya
  • Vastu Purusha Lakshana
  • Vastu Prakasa
  • Vastu Pradipa
  • Vastu Manjari
  • Vastu Mandana
  • Vastu Lakshana
  • Vastu Vichara
  • Vastu Vidya
  • Vastu Vidhi
  • Vastu Samgraha
  • Vastu Sarvasva
  • Vimana Lakshana (tower design)
  • Visvakarma Prakasa (home, roads, water tanks and public works architecture)
  • Vaikhanasa
  • Shastra Jaladhi Ratna
  • Sipla Prakasa
  • Silpakala Dipika
  • Silpartha Shastra
  • Sanatkumara Vastu Vastra

In view of the above, it is opined that it is not feasible for each and every person to know or read the publications and follow all the norms meticulously for its implementation. Most of us are quite busy and are unable to spare sufficient time in this modern era. Invariably, it is just impossible to follow norms of ancient Vastu Shastra at least for inhabitation purpose but should have basic knowledge of Vastu Shastra so that we at least know that what are the Dosha and Remedies for our progressing life.

Let us find out easiest method to get rid of Vastu related problems or Vastu Dosha. We need not read hips of books and then try to apply remedies accordingly. There are simple and inexpensive methods in ‘Swami Hardas Life System’, which can be learned and applied to achieve desired results. So, don’t worry, try to read the following concept and do accordingly. Some of the remedies can simply be read and practiced. The required results can be achieved by yourself independently on a temporary basis.



Vastu plays a very important role in keeping occupants healthy, peaceful and progressive. So far, we have discussed these matters in brief. Every person wants to progress and also takes care while selecting Vastu for various purposes like inhabitation, business, organization, factory or office etc. Some really succeed in their intentions but some do not. Why some fail in achieving health, peace, and progress?

The reason is simple, maybe they were not aware of the Vastu Dosha. As per prevailing Vastu Shastra, certain things of the Vastu should be to a certain direction, which could not be maintained for one or other reason. Hence, the problems occurred and were faced by the occupants. However, ‘Siddha Vastu Shastra’ is different from these factors.

Dr. Swami Hardas developed such Vastu Science, that believes in remedies and not causes. Moreover, the occupants themselves can apply some of the remedies but some are required to be applied through the trained persons like Siddha Purohit, better known as an expert and trained personnel for applying remedies for removal of Vastu Dosha. The remedies are such that every person can afford to apply and even no alterations to Vastu are required to be carried out, which involves heavy expenses.

Now let us first know whether we are really suffering from the Vastu Dosha and what are its indications?

  • No peace in the Vastu ultimately losing ‘peace of mind’, every occupant argues or quarrels with each other.
  • Quarrels do take place among occupants without any important or valid reason.
  • Repeated failures in the work undertaken and hence desire to work diminishes.
  • Shortage of food and money gradually realized.
  • Development of unknown fear, to see bad/fearful/horror dreams while in sleep.
  • The sickness of permanent nature, no medicines work even though rightly prescribed by the Doctor, resulting in loss of ‘health’.
  • The herculean efforts put in for any task, get failed repeatedly, resulting in loss of ‘progress’.
  • The repeated loss in business or work undertook and repeated accidents.
  • Machines in the factory do not work properly or do not give the required output.
  • Troubles from laborers in a factory or office, they do not stay at work permanently.
  • Animals do not perform well or do not give the required output as milk etc and fall repeatedly sick.
  • To attract and get involved with bad habits, to always think bad or negatively.

Such symptoms if found, one may come to a conclusion that the problems may be because of improper Vastu and appropriate remedies are required.

It is not possible for each and every person to have Vastu as per the norms of Vastu Shastra. Some may have to choose rented houses, houses in society schemes; flat schemes etc but do not worry. The most appropriate and result oriented Siddha Remedies are for the rescue of such occupants. One need not alter the Vastu, just apply the Siddha Remedies and get rid of the problems.

Let us observe and follow the following few tips while purchasing a plot for construction if new Vastu has been decided to be constructed: –

  • If the plot is suitable and meets all your materialistic requirements, buy it. Do not worry unnecessarily for the directions, road, a color of the soil, slop etc. We have remedies for these problems. But be strict and sincere for legal formalities like having proper documents, registration of purchase of plot etc and think of surroundings too. Now you can go ahead for construction.
  • Before Starting Construction: Before the construction starts, use ‘Siddha Sanch’ (A packet of the unique product containing Gol, Square, and other products) for removal of negativity and establishing positivity in the plot, anybody can use this Siddha Sanch since necessary instructions have been provided along with. 
  • Starting Construction: When construction starts, keep one ‘Square’ provided with ‘Siddha Sanch’ in a place where foundation work has to start and say Sankalp three times “the construction should go well without any problem” and keep four Gol in each corner of the plot and one Square in the center of the plot. 

After Completion of Construction: Use ‘Siddha Vastu Shanti Set’ (A packet of the unique products) in a newly constructed Vastu. All Vastu Dosha will vanish this way on a temporary basis and now start residing in it. The Vastu will give all the benefits.

But it would be wise to go for achieving permanent results. When newly house is constructed, the readymade house, office, factory etc is purchased, get ‘Siddha Vastu Kawach’ done before residing in it. This is a process of one day and the activities consist like Badha Homa, Manokamna Homa, Siddha Pooja and finally Kawach to Vastu.

At this stage also whatever problems exist or likely to emerge in near future will gradually start to vanish and the Vastu will become favorable. The process can also be adopted for a rented house or any other Vastu. The only care has to be taken before leaving the Vastu that the Kawach i.e. Gol and Square may be removed before vacating the Vastu and they may be disposed of by immersing in river or lake where water is more.

Benefits of Vastu Kawach: The effects of Vastu Kawach are seen within 03 days from its performance. The negativity of any nature will not enter the Vastu. No harmful insects like Scorpios; Snakes etc will enter the Vastu. Even no person with bad intentions will enter the Vastu. No theft will take place in the Vastu. Occupants of the Vastu will get security, happiness, health, peace, and progress.

Family Holiday Portrait Sibling Children C

Problems like a misunderstanding, quarrels, tension, failure in work undertaken, repeated failure etc will be solved and Vastu will become favorable. Despite, if it is observed that some of the problems still persist, Siddha Sanch or Siddha Extractor and Siddha Charger may be used at least once in three months so that required results are achieved within the shortest period. Siddha Pooja also may be performed at least twice in a year so that positivity remains for a longer period.

Fire And Water, Fight, Hands, Fire, Heat

The Siddha Vastu Kawach lasts for life and expenditure is also meager. It is opined that whether a problem exists or not, it is advisable to perform ‘Siddha Vastu Kawach’. Nobody knows when the problems will emerge hence it is good to perform it. We do not advise any alteration to the Vastu and unnecessary spend money. Now let us learn in brief about how the ‘Siddha Vastu Kawach’ is performed by Siddha Purohit involving inhabitants.

  • The Siddha Purohit comes prepared to a Vastu where Siddha Vastu Kawach is required to be performed.
  • As a first step, he performs some unique activities with the help of some unique Siddha Products in a Vastu for removal of negativity/Dosha. He understands where and what Dosha is in a Vastu with the help of pious Siddha Energy. This process consumes almost two hours.
  • As a second step, he gets prepared and performs a unique ‘Badha Hawan’ involving inhabitants for removal of negativity/Dosha. This process consumes almost one and a half hour.
  • As a third step, after a gap of an hour, he gets prepared and performs a unique ‘Siddha Pooja’ for establishing positivity in a Vastu. This Pooja is followed with a reading of ‘Gurukrupamrut Pothi’, thus it consumes almost two hours. This Pooja is also performed for establishing positivity/favorable energy.
  • As a fourth step, soon he gets prepared and performs a unique ‘Manokamna Homa’ for establishing of positivity/favorable energy in a Vastu. This also consumes almost one and a half hours.
  • And finally, after a gap of almost half an hour, some unique Siddha Products e.g. Gol and Square are placed wisely underneath the ground for arresting positive /favorable energy, which would help inhabitants to improve health, balance peace and progress favorably. This process needs a minimum one to 3 hours, depends on how small or big Vastu is.

Thus, the complete process of ‘Siddha Vastu Kawach’ gets completed almost within a span of almost 9 to 11 hours. This process is unique as Siddha Energy is involved, which is favorable and only favorable to all of us. This process is quite different compared to a prevailing method – Vastu Pooja.

Little Houses Stone Road Stone Road House


This option is open for everyone despite he/she is trained in Swami Hardas Life System or not. One can draw house map on a plain paper showing the Vastu position i.e. the entrance, main room(s), kitchen, latrine/bathroom, compound, well for water source etc. Make this hand-drawn map indicating direction e.g. east, west, south and north and size of the rooms etc.

Send two copies of this map along with the problems being faced mentioned in an attached letter with complete postal address, contact number, E-mail ID and post it on the following address:-

Swami Hardas Foundation
Survey No. 50/7, ‘Shaktidata’ (Siddha Nagar), Old Mundhawa Road, Wadgaonsheri
Pune – 411 014 (INDIA) 
Telephone No. 91-020-27031900, 27030128, 32301322, 32301204, 323012

One copy of the map and some products will be sent to you with clear marking for where to place the products in your Vastu. Some of the experts at Pune will daily work on your problems using the second copy of your Vastu’s map.

They will send one copy of your Vastu’s map and some Siddha Products on your given address. On receipt of the same, perform the activities as suggested. It is mandatory for you to convey achieved development/result on the above address of the organization. They will evaluate the report and if needed they will guide accordingly for any further action needs to be initiated.


Before I conclude, I would like to suggest, if the above-mentioned problems are experienced, ‘Siddha Vastu Kawach’ may be got done as it is of permanent nature – to the extent that as long as Vastu exists.  One may have to spend a little amount of money for life-long benefits. Anybody has any such problems or any other query about health, peace and progress issues, you may contact over Mb. No. (091) 8956891650 / 8956891651 during 11AM and 05PM except Sunday.

So, guys, I shall come up with another series of ‘Progress’ in education specifically targetted over students. This article also will be quite informative and useful to them.

If you wish to know more about such different articles, please also read the following:-

I appeal to everyone, if you have any query, please feel comfortable to contact me.

May you all be bestowed with health, peace, and progress!!!







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